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Mari L'Esperance

Those scones look delectable, as does the udon. What is about your blog that is so... satisfying? The combination of images of longed-for food items (authentic Japanese, in particular), missed landscapes, and domestic delights... Whatever it is, it keeps me coming back for more! Oh, and I'm not much of a red meat eater myself these days, but that steak looks absolutely... (I'm trying to think of the appropriate sexual metaphor, and failing...). Let's just say that I would have dug right in, and with relish.


Yeah, I have to agree with Mari - those scones do look good. Hotel Spinach makes me laugh every time you mention the place. I only remember eating breakfast on Christmas while I was a teenager. We always ate muesli, and not that cereal you can buy. We ate the real thing.


What wonderful photos and seems as though you had a great time with the snow!!! As usual, the food looks delicious. I'm jealous....my Christmas breakfast was a cup of tea and an English muffin....boring...


Your post has got me confused. I keep having nightmare visions of Egg McWagyu burgers with tomato ketchup. It's sending an icy chill down my spine.


Come on--you should have made the kids cry--it would have been funny! That oversized gingerbread house looks awesome; why don't we get those here (although I have no idea where you get your Canadian scones; mine have all been perfectly respectable).

The before and after shots were great. Winter is so much more tolerable with a pretty layer of snow on everything. Love your nail polish too!


Thanks for the comments! Aspasia, I was never very much into scones back in Canada and maybe I just had bad luck--the few I tried at random coffee shops were just awful. Next time I'm back for a visit please direct me to the good scones!

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